Mattel The ORIGINAL Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller Kids Children Fun Game Toy NEW

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Product Information
Ask the Magic 8 ball and turn it over to reveal the answer! The classic Magic 8 ball by Mattell has helped children "reveal" their futures for many generations. Simply ask a 'yes' or 'no' question and turn the ball over. Written on the magic window is the answer to everything you've ever wanted to know! The magic 8 ball is a great toy for any age and is perfect for parties and sleepovers for kids.

Product Identifiers
GTIN 8111195111784, 0789264238106, 0082016652527, 0085633070996, 0787799323748
BRAND Mattel
UPC 0789264238106, 0082016652527, 0085633070996, 0787799323748
eBay Product ID (ePID) 710161105

Product Key Features
Year 2009
Recommended Age Range 6

Weight 0.5lbs.
Length 0" - 14"
Width 3.9in.
Height 5in.