4 Car Wash Wax Complete Detail Kit FW1, TS2, GP3 & CU4 Water less Detail System

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Brand New Complete Luxury Set of Car Wash and Wax Detailing System.
Set Consists of:
Waterless car wash and wax
FW1 Wash & Wax Waterless Polish
TS2 Touchless Tire Shine
CU4 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
GP3 General Purpose Cleaner
FW1 Waterless Formulation (17.50 oz.) has a unique combination of Lubricants and Carnauba wax which combine to lift the dirt and grime away from paint, chrome, plastic, glass and the rims on your vehicle and leaves a professional show car finish.
For a professional show car finish use what racing professionals have used for years FW1 Waterless Formulation. 
Purchase a complete Waterless Detail Car Care System Kit for an added value to your car care management program.
TS2 Touchless Tire Shine (15.75 oz.) - a unique Formulation that creates a long-lasting, ultra-black glossy shine that will complement great looking wheels.
Use on dry tires, and on other rubber surfaces such as bumpers, trim and mud flaps.
GP3 General Purpose Cleaner (17.50 oz.) formula is designed to penetrate and break up oil, grease, dirt and soil with minimum effort.
Cleans steel, plastic, rubber, tile, chrome, baked enamel objects and glass as well. Household uses include counter tops, appliances, sink, mirrors, glass, tile and vinyl flooring.
CU4 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner (17.50 oz.) technology makes short work of the toughest stains. The perfect companion for the Car and Home, CU4 interior treatment, deodorizes, removes stains, and protects upholstery, fabric, and carpet. without wasting time or water. Leaves no sticky residue to attract more dirt.