Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee LED Light Glow Flying Disc Arobie Frisbee Toy Rings

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Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee LED Light Glow Flying Disc Arobie Frisbee Toy Rings

PERFECT ACCURACY:  This Aerobie Skylighter, light up rings have a low profile design that lights up any outdoor, dark game. This lighted, ultimate frisbee has a very bright , professional LED lights inside the frisby for long, accurate throws. 

STRONG, STURDY, SECURE GRIP: These frisbees for adults have a cushioned, foam like indestructible edges for much sturdy and high quality grip and easy, soft catches.  The skylighter, ultimate frisbee disc has a sonically welded light module for added durability. 

SKYLIGHTER FOR ALL USES: Easily throw this skyligher, light up frisbee with its thin design and spoiler ring for accurate, and very long flights. This Arobie glow in the dark frisbee can be used on any field including outdoor parks, beach, lake, and pool area toss games. 

SIZE AND QUANTITY ORDER: This large, 12 in in diameter freesbie, light up ring, flying toy is great for both veterans and new freezbee throws; it is also perfect for lite bright toy for kids, boys and girls. Spinmaster, the creator of this Arobee Skylighter, light up toy includes 2 batteries and batteries are replaceable. Colors (Red, Blue, & Green) of the Aerobie skylighter will vary. 

These high quality, innovative arobie skylighter, led disc light toys, from the famous makers of Aerobie is combined with a strong, rigid plastic center and a soft, easy to hold rubber disk edge. The ultimate result is a strong, stable flying disc frizbees that will fly very very far and very easy to throw and catch. This beginner, frisbees for kids and adults is the perfect gift, and even as a frisbee golf discs set or even beersbee. 

This soft disc led nite freesbe will provide accurate and perfect flights; since the big, aerobie frisbee has a spoiler rim center making it aerodynamic through all flights. The soft frisbee rubber edges will continue staying smooth after many throws, no matter which surface it lands on.